Sub Loam visits the Unofficial Countryside

by Sub Loam

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Sub Loam visits the Unofficial Countryside (in three parts)

Vegetation as a Physical Analogue of Thought
or Lessons from the Undergrowth

Chapter One: Hedge
Jack-by-the-hedge or a world glimpsed through stalks and stems

Chapter Two: Ditch
The ramifications of a hogweed umbel. Damp earth.

Chapter Three: Weeds
Meditation on green vitality as a means of expanding awareness or nettle flowers and thistles as ladders.


released January 22, 2017

Percussion, objects, voice, tape, saxophone, electric guitar, echo by Sub Loam.
All music & reissue artwork by Sub Loam.
Originally issued in October 2014 as part of the Wist Rec release 'The Unoffical Countryside' inspired by Richard Mabey's book of the same title.
Recorded Winter 2013/14 at home to cassette.



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